Who We Are

Our Origin Story

Coffee Outthere came to be through a love of life and living. In 2019, founder Erica was burnt out by working for corporate America. Like many of us she wanted to pursue a life more meaningful. She left corporate America for a pursuit in serving those around her. She moved to San Francisco from New York City and took a job as a barista, connecting with her community. 

Eventually, the allure of serving her community inspired Erica to start Coffee Outthere. Since 2019 Erica has been growing Coffee Outthere from a small operation in her kitchen to sharing a space inside a vintage clothing shop in the Haight Ashbury. 



Women Owned

We’re passionate about coffee because it’s a space where we can express creativity, build community and make connections with people from all over the world. However, as a women owned company in the industry, there have been experiences of micro-aggressions that made it difficult to feel valued in this industry. That’s why Coffee Outthere’s mission is to increase representation in specialty coffee and promote inclusion by sharing resources that make it easier for everyone to participate in this community.


Our Ethos

If you’re like us and ever had someone tell you cream and sugar doesn’t belong in coffee, or mansplain a single origin pour over then you’ll understand why we started a brand that’s all about inclusivity. Coffee Outthere covers all types of coffee drinkers, whether you drink single origin pour overs only, or love an iced lavender oat milk latte. We’re here for all of you, and we take seriously good coffee… not so seriously. 


Changing Coffee Culture

Coffee Outthere is on a mission to change the future of coffee culture through decolonizing what good coffee is, or isn’t. Often times the way we speak about coffee can be systemic of racism, we believe it’s time to let go of the colonial mindset of what good coffee is and recognize that coffee is as diverse as we are.


Our Approach To Coffee

The heart of our approach is to build community, whether you’re our neighbor or across the globe. Who we partner with, where we source our materials, how we source those materials… all of these things matter. It's about building relationships that benefit all parties: us, our customers, our suppliers, and the environment that surrounds us. We are all in this together.